mature german shepherdsAt Celtic Shepherds, our business is matching you to the perfect German Shepherd puppy.

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While we mainly specialize in breeding and stud services, we’ll also occasionally have a mature German Shepherd who’s been abandoned and come to us while waiting for their forever home.

Before we go any further, we want to point out that we’re different than other breeders. Often, dog breeders have a bad reputation for treating their dogs poorly. We consider our German Shepherds to be a part of the family. We treat them well and only have one to two litters of puppies available each year in order to provide healthier pups and ensure the females aren’t overly stressed by having too many litters a year.

Yes, we breed German Shepherds, but we’re responsible breeders that put the puppies and their parents first. We’re not full-time or commercial breeders. We do this out of our love for the breed and to give you the same type of loving companion as we have. We’re proud to offer a small town feel when it comes to helping you add a new furry relative to your family.

Breeding Services

We take our time when it comes to breeding. We carefully analyze the backgrounds and pedigrees of studs before selecting the perfect breeding partner for our female. While we could just pick the first eligible, we want to reduce the chance of any genetic flaws. We want our puppies to be a part of your family for a long time. Choosing the best combination of male and female ensures healthier puppies.

This process is time-consuming. As such, we only have a limited number of puppies available each year. However, we promise to do everything we can to breed high-quality puppies every time. Remember, we love our puppies just as much as you will.

We can’t give you an exact schedule for when litters will be available. Please contact us to learn more about how to be put on a waiting list. Please be aware that we work to match German Shepherd puppies with the right homes. We want to ensure you’ll treat them as well as we do.

AKC Registered German Shepherds

Mature German Shepherds

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German Shepherds Puppies

Socialization Training

mature german shepherdsStud Services

We also offer stud services from an AKC registered German Shepherd. However, we are careful about who we work with. We only want our male to breed with a German Shepherd from a loving breeder or family like ourselves. The last thing we want is to help populate a crowded puppy mill.

We only offer stud services to AKC registered females. This is to ensure healthier bloodlines for your puppies. We also like to ensure the female is located in a warm, loving environment versus outdoors or in a small kennel. Once again, this is to ensure a healthier match and better puppies.

Socialization Of Puppies

We don’t just breed and leave the puppies alone with their mother. Breeding is only part of the equation. At Celtic Shepherds, we take a family approach. We want our puppies to go to wonderful homes, but first, the puppies need to know what it’s like to be loved by a human family.

Our puppies are born in a home environment. We take care of both the mother and her litter. All puppies are raised being handled gently and lovingly by our family. This includes kids, so you’ll know upfront how well your German Shepherd will do with caring children.

By introducing puppies to humans from birth, we reduce the chance of aggressive behaviors, anxiety and fear. We also help get them used to playing not only with each other, but with their humans family too. This makes it much easier for them to bond with your family when you take them home.